Our newest serum contains fruit stem cells and two other unique ingredients that have undergone numerous clinical studies that show a marked improvement in the DNA of our cells. Japan has provided us with one of these tested ingredients. Size: 1oz

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One of our newest and most exciting serums that helps to reverse the signs of aging using three clinically tested active ingredients. As you age, the lifespan of our cells in our skin naturally begin to shorten. An indicator of this process is the shortening of our telomeres. This light serum works at a cellular level by keeping the telomeres (tips at the ends of the DNA strands) longer and prevents their fraying.

When telomeres start to unravel and shorten, the cell that contains the strand of DNA starts to age and cell death occurs, destroying genetic information. The active ingredients in Platinum-T support telomere integrity so that fraying and unraveling don’t happen. The stabilized antioxidants slow telomere loss thus keeping the cells healthier, resulting in younger skin.